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Amoah, N
Ashby, A
Beckett, C
Beersing, A
Bentel, G
Biggs, B
Bocking, K
Bowell, R
Brand, K
Cameron, D
Chivers, I
Coppin, N
Crosbie, J
Dixon, J
Dobrowolski , M
Dye, P
Esterle, J
Finucane, S
Gregory, S
Grigg, A
Hattingh, R
Heyes, J
Humphries, R
Jasper, D
Katz, M
Lacy, H
Langley, S
Limpitlaw, D
Mackenzie, S
McCullough, C
McKenna, G
Moore, W
Neethling, C
Ogier-Halim, S
Pearce, S
Phillips, I
Rickson, R
Robins, M
Rohde, T
Roseby, S
Schultze, M
Smedley, E
Smith, H
Spain, A
Strachan, C
Straker, J
Tongway, D
Tremblay, G
Van Zyl, D
von Bismarck, F
Waygood, C
Weeks, B
Wernick, B
Westwater, D
Whittle, P

Production team: Maddie Adams, Natalie Marcinkowski, Christine Neskudla and Josephine Ruddle, Australian Centre for Geomechanics.

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