Authors: Loncaric, AJ; Loomes, AJ

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Loncaric, AJ & Loomes, AJ 2010, 'Shotcrete thickness measuring using modern technology', in Y Potvin (ed.), Caving 2010: Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Block and Sublevel Caving, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 333-340,

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Some time ago I asked an experienced shotcreting colleague the following question ‘so how do you know when you have reached design thickness; how do you know when to stop spraying?’ After careful thought he replied ‘Well mate, it’s kind of like knowing when it’s time to stop wiping your a…, you just know.’ This paper will discuss the current technologies available to survey the thickness of sprayed fibrecrete in an underground mining environment. Topics covered will include lasers scanners, terrestrial photogrammetry and angle sensing range-finding technology. The paper will compare the performance of several instruments in an actual underground trial.

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