Authors: Du Toit, T; Crozier, M

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Du Toit, T & Crozier, M 2012, 'Khumani Iron Ore Mine paste disposal and water recovery system', in R Jewell, AB Fourie & A Paterson (eds), Paste 2012: Proceedings of the 15th International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 243-258,

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Traditional iron ore beneficiation plants using washing screening and jigging processes require large volumes of process water. Therefore, when a suitable large iron ore deposit is found in a location where rainfall is erratic and raw water sources are limited, innovative process designs are required to minimise water losses, maximise reuse of process water and minimise raw water intake to ensure the project viability. This case study provides an overview of the Khumani paste disposal facility (PDF) located in the Northern Cape of South Africa. The plant uses a central ring main water reticulation circuit combined with a two stage thickening system to maximise water recovery. At the process plant there are two large 90 m diameter traction thickeners and at the PDF two 18 m paste thickeners. The net raw water usage has been minimised, and water losses on the PDF are at levels between 0.43–0.69 m3/t deposited.

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