Authors: Horyl, P; Snuparek, R; Hlavackova, M


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Horyl, P, Snuparek, R & Hlavackova, M 2013, 'Loading capacity of yielding connections used in steel arch roadway supports', in Y Potvin & B Brady (eds), Ground Support 2013: Proceedings of the Seventh International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 461-470,

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Yielding steel arch supports of roadways are widely used in coal mines. These supports consist of several segments joined by friction bolt connections. The loading capacity and pliability (ability to accept deformations of surrounding rock mass) of the arch support is greatly influenced by the function of the connections and, in particular, the tightening of the bolts. Representative laboratory experiments are difficult to perform and it is only through expansive research on the entire support structure that relevant knowledge on these parameters can be obtained. This contribution deals with the computer modelling of the behaviour of the yielding bolt connections for different torques with the aim of determining the load-bearing capacity. Another parameter that significantly affects the loading capacity is the value of the friction coefficient of the contacts between the elements of the joints. For computer modelling, the ANSYS software and the finite element method was used. The solution is non-linear because of the bi-linear material properties of steel and the large deformations. The calculation also defines the weakest part of the joint’s structure based on stress analysis.

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