Authors: Kaplunov, DR; Rylnikova, MV; Eks, VV

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Kaplunov, DR, Rylnikova, MV & Eks, VV 2014, 'Usage of a modular backfill preparation plant in underground ore mining', in Y Potvin & T Grice (eds), Mine Fill 2014: Proceedings of the Eleventh International Symposium on Mining with Backfill, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 199-204,

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The paper describes the development of a new movable modular plant for backfill preparation in underground mines. The plant has passed successful trials in the Uchalinsky Underground Mine (South Urals, Russia). This new plant may broaden horizons of mining industry modernisation in Russia. The commercial introduction of the proposed movable backfill preparation plant may help the mining of complex and low grade orebodies. The authors describe details and application of the movable modular backfill preparation plant.

Kaplunov, DR, Rylnikova, MV, Radchenko, DN, Mananov RSh & Zverev AP 2011, ‘Innovative technologies of filling voids using movable backfill preparation plants’, Surveying Bulletin, no. 6.
Rylnikova, MV, Matyushenko, GA, Eks, VV & Zverev, AP 2013, ‘Assembling and commissioning of movable backfill preparation plants under commercial approval of new backfilling technology’, Surveying Bulletin, no. 1.

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