Authors: Zermatten, C; Terbrugge, PJ

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Zermatten, C & Terbrugge, PJ 2016, 'Difficulties establishing a common understanding to address risk in mining — challenges in meaningful communication of probabilistic expressions', in PM Dight (ed.), APSSIM 2016: Proceedings of the First Asia Pacific Slope Stability in Mining Conference, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 339-351,

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Risk assessments are routinely undertaken for different aspects during the planning, design, optimisation and operation of open pit mines. However, definition of key terms during the risk assessment process may differ between evaluators, which are not always communicated to the range of stakeholders who rely on the resultant information and recommendations. This paper differentiates terminology related to risk and the assessment thereof, identifies common shortcomings in risk assessments and proposes effective elements in communicating the findings of risk assessments within the context of open pit mining. The crux of this paper is to address quantification of probabilistic expressions for the purpose of efficient and accessible communication to stakeholders.

Keywords: risk management, quantification, probabalistic expression

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