Authors: Leoni, L; Spencer, G; Coli, N; Coppi, F; Michelini, A


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Leoni, L, Spencer, G, Coli, N, Coppi, F & Michelini, A 2016, 'Techniques for three-dimensional displacement vector using ground-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar', in PM Dight (ed.), APSSIM 2016: Proceedings of the First Asia Pacific Slope Stability in Mining Conference, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 387-392,

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Over the past 10 years slope monitoring radar via the interferometry technique has evolved as an important tool for safety critical monitoring of pit wall movements in surface mining. Whilst radar can provide near real-time high spatial resolution surface displacement movement, the displacement vector measured using interferometry is line-of-site (LOS) to the radar position and does not provide a spatially oriented vector. Using two or more ground-based interferometric synthetic aperture radar (GBInSAR) systems to rapidly record continuous spatially dense LOS displacement data of an open pit slope in ‘stereo’, has potential to provide detailed vector movement across an entire wall or whole pit. The radar displacement vectors can be combined to create a pseudo three-dimensional (3D) displacement map of the pit slope using millions of monitoring points. Data collected from several radar systems has potential to greatly improve the understanding of the 3D kinematics of a large rock slope and further assist in better mine planning and design thus allowing more efficient mine operations. This paper will cover examples and analysis of pseudo 3D displacement map data from GBInSAR systems.

Keywords: synthetic aperture radar (SAR), open pit slope, 3D displacement, rock deformation

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