Authors: Macdonald, BC; Sharon, R; Muir, S; Iannacone, JP; Falorni, G; Michaud, JS

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Macdonald, BC, Sharon, R, Muir, S, Iannacone, JP, Falorni, G & Michaud, JS 2016, 'InSAR derived synoptic ground surface deformation map of the Porgera Mine, Papua New Guinea', in PM Dight (ed.), APSSIM 2016: Proceedings of the First Asia Pacific Slope Stability in Mining Conference, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 673-683,

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The Porgera Mine is located in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in a heavily forested region where obtaining an accurate geotechnical overview for the entire site is challenging. To address these challenges, an InSAR monitoring program was deployed to provide a complete picture of surface movement over the 100 square kilometre operating site and surrounding area without the deployment of any ground targets or infrastructure. An advanced InSAR approach was used to produce a temporal history of the line of ¬site displacement values over the surface assets of the mine. It also produced change detection maps where the land cover has been altered, and rapid motion tracking (RMT) where the detected velocities are too high for conventional InSAR analysis. To maximise value derived from information extracted from these three processes, a synoptic map with six movement classes representing observations as low as a few millimetres per year and up to tens of meters per year, is developed to provide the geotechnical engineer with an overview of surface deformation over the entire Porgera site area. This paper provides a summary of the development and application of the synoptic classification map with associated surface movement classes.

Keywords: slope displacement, InSAR, synoptic velocity map

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