Authors: Makarov, VV; Ksendzenko, LS; Golosov, AM; Opanasiuk, NA

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Makarov, VV, Ksendzenko, LS, Golosov, AM & Opanasiuk, NA 2017, 'Mesocracking structures of the ‘source type’ in highly stressed rocks', in J Wesseloo (ed.), Deep Mining 2017: Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 403-411,

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Definition of the mechanism and mathematical model of the phenomenon of deformation anomalies of the reversible type in samples of rocks at uniaxial compression on the basis of specially developed methods of the complex research which include deformation, acoustical and mathematical methods are described. The reversible character of the deformations of rocks was connected with a straining of highly stressed rock samples at uniaxial compression (Makarov et al. 2014b; Tomashevskaya & Khamidullin 1972). In this paper, based on a specially developed complex research method, including the deformation, acoustic and mathematical methods, the authors analyse deformation anomalies of the reversible type in samples of rocks at uniaxial compression and define the mechanism of their origin. Mesocracking structure of the ‘contrast’ type has been fixed at the source and around the source area’s formation (Makarov et al. 2014a). The system of reliable precursors of rock sample failure has been determined, including the long-term and middle-term one. The precursors spreading to the mining situation with the rockburst is discussed.

Keywords: rock sample, acoustic emission, reversible deformations, source, mesocracking structures

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