Authors: Grohs, SK; Pearce, S

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Grohs, SK & Pearce, S 2019, 'Integrated life-of-mine waste characterisation, scheduling, and quality control for progressive closure at Martabe multi pit gold mine', in AB Fourie & M Tibbett (eds), Mine Closure 2019: Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Mine Closure, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 1217-1230,

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This paper discusses practices developed by PT Agincourt Resources at the Martabe Gold Mine for integration of practical short and medium-term mining practice and long-term strategic planning, for characterisation and optimum placement of mine waste, in a structural tailings and mine waste storage facility. This also includes alignment with the progressive closure strategy adopted at the site for mitigation of acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD) risk. The mine comprises a complex six-pit operation with three pits currently delivering waste material to an integrated tailings and mine waste storage facility, which has been designed to be constructed as a progressively rehabilitated landform. The waste rock varies significantly both in geochemical and physical properties between the pits, and within each pit, presenting challenges for mine planning and execution of an optimal progressive mine closure strategy. As such, a number of detailed long and medium-term practical mine planning practices have been developed within key areas of mining operations.

Keywords: integrated, waste control, progressive rehabilitation

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