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Counter, DB 2019, 'Laser-based scanning to manage geotechnical risk in deep mines', in J Hadjigeorgiou & M Hudyma (eds), Ground Support 2019: Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 43-58,

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Kidd Creek mines has been either adopting new technology as it becomes available or adapting existing techniques to aid in assessing risk associated with ground and support systems failure, particularly risk associated with high-magnitude seismic events or significant deformation associated with mining at extreme depths. Over the past four years, the mine has used laser-based scanners as an aid in determining where and by how much the rock mass has deformed, both as a direct result of seismic events and as a function of rock mass deformation associated with mining. The scanning data is being used to qualify, if not quantify, how much strain has been introduced into the ground support systems, and it is being used as part of the rehabilitation and proactive re-support process to ensure that ground support systems have sufficient yield capacity remaining to withstand the largest possible future seismic event, in an effort to lower risk to personnel and mine production. Some recent data are presented along with a preliminary assessment of what the scanner information is capable of providing, and suggestions for future research are provided.

Keywords: laser scan, rockburst, support capacity, risk

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