Authors: Bierman, IR; Gardner, L; Piper, P


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Bierman, IR, Gardner, L & Piper, P 2019, 'An evaluation of the bond strength of multiple resin bolt and capsule combinations through laboratory testing and applied methodologies ', in W Joughin (ed.), Deep Mining 2019: Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining, The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Johannesburg, pp. 175-190,

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This paper describes the implementation of a methodology and test results to determine the performance capability of a combination of Ø 20 mm steel tendon resin bolts from ten separate suppliers, and Ø 32 mm resin capsules from four separate suppliers. The methodology chiefly describes the parameter of the selected hole diameter which was Ø 38 mm. Installing Ø 20 mm resin bolts inside Ø 38 mm holes results in an excessive annulus, which significantly reduces the bond strength of the installation. By conducting a programme of laboratory pull testing by combining each resin bolt and resin capsule installed inside steel tubes with Ø 38 mm internal diameter, the best combinations could be determined. The pull tests were supplemented by conducting similar installations inside Perspex tubes to provide visual observation of the installation process. In the laboratory, the test results showed that modified resin bolts provided the greatest resistance to pulling load with the least displacement. The modifications increased diameter of the penetrating end of the bolt, either by the addition of deformities to the steel, or by incorporating a helix into the design of the bolt profile. The work done addressed the need by Impala Platinum Limited (Impala Platinum) for effective resin bolt installations in large diameter holes.

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