Authors: Chen, X; Yang, X; Peng, X; Guo, L


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Chen, X, Yang, X, Peng, X & Guo, L 2020, 'An experimental study on the strength distribution of cemented tailings backfill ', in H Quelopana (ed.), Paste 2020: 23rd International Conference on Paste, Thickened and Filtered Tailings, Gecamin Publications, Santiago,

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To explore the spatial strength distribution of backfill in the stope, a group of experiments in a large similar stope model was designed for simulating the consolidation of cemented tailings backfill (CTB) in a stope. The height of CTB in similar stope model was measured to analyse the flow and sedimentation characteristics. The unconfined compressive strength (UCS) test on specimens cored in the different position of CTB sample in similar stope model was conducted. Moreover, the particle size and cement content of CTB sample were tested to help to explain the mechanism. The results show that during the flow and sedimentation of filling slurry in the model, inconsistency of the particle size and cement content leads to the inconsistency of strength. In the flow direction (horizontal direction), the median particle size of CTB first increases and then decreases, the cement content of CTB decreases slowly and then increases sharply, and the strength of CTB first decreases and then rises. In the sedimentation direction (vertical direction), the cement content of CTB decreases with the increase of depth, while the strength of CTB increases with the increase of depth. The strength is affected by the interaction between particle size and cement content, and the higher cement content of CTB does not translate into higher strength. The results provide a theoretical basis for improving the quality of CTB and optimizing the design.

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