Authors: Zhang, Q; Hocking, RJ

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Zhang, Q & Hocking, RJ 2022, 'Carrapateena block cave mine design and planning: feasibility study', in Y Potvin (ed.), Caving 2022: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on Block and Sublevel Caving, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 291-302,

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Carrapateena is an underground sublevel cave operation. To maximise future value from the Carrapateena copper–gold resource, an expansion study has been completed to feasibility study level to assess a larger block cave expansion below the current sublevel cave. This paper will summarise Carrapateena block cave mine design and planning from pre-feasibility to feasibility study. Emphasis will be on the footprint determination, mine layout, and production ramp-up. It will also discuss the material handling system selection, ventilation design and mine dewatering. As the block cave will be built below the sublevel cave operation, the transit from the sublevel cave to a block cave mine will be discussed, particularly on production plan, risk control and resources management.

Keywords: Carrapateena block cave, mine planning, sublevel cave and block cave interaction

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