Authors: Mujahid, A; Sudrajat, J; Octaviano, HA; Wijaya, TR; Darmawan, A; Romauli, CI

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Mujahid, A, Sudrajat, J, Octaviano, HA, Wijaya, TR, Darmawan, A & Romauli, CI 2022, 'Five years of biodiversity index values in the reclamation area of former tin mining', in AB Fourie, M Tibbett & G Boggs (eds), Mine Closure 2022: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Mine Closure, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 961-972,

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Mining activities continuously change the landscape. For tin mining activities, the end is a stretch of sandy land that is poor in nutrients. Thus, reclamation activities which consist of revegetation are needed to overcome the problem of land degradation. This study aims to calculate the index of diversity or diversity including the Shannon Wiener index, Margalef index, evenness index and the dominance index of vegetation types on the reclamation area of formerly mined land with the time period of five years. Data was collected using a purposive sampling random method. The result of the survey is the reclamation area mainly consists of 18 main plant species and 13 understory species. There are ±5 types of early environmental setting plants before the mining started including sengon (Albizia falcataria), cashew (Annacardium occidantale), oil palm (Ellais guenensis), rubber (Havea brasiliensis), and ketapang (Teminalia catappa). Nevertheless, at the time the research was conducted, there were 18 types of plants that grew naturally, indicating the occurrence of land restoration by natural succession.

Keywords: mine reclamation, revegetation, biodiversity, Bangka Belitung Indonesia

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