Authors: Darlington, B; Vallati, O; Young, P

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Darlington, B, Vallati, O & Young, P 2023, 'A comparison between laboratory and in situ dynamic testing on the MDX bolt', in J Wesseloo (ed.), Ground Support 2023: Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Ground Support in Mining, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 361-370,

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As the mining industry moves towards digitalisation, there is an ever-increasing demand for testing information of ground support products. Product testing is typically performed in two environments: laboratory and in situ, each having their place in the design of ground support elements and systems. The difficulty is comparing results from these two quite varied test environments, and how they relate to ground support element performance within a ground support design. Extensive testing has been conducted on the Sandvik MDX bolt in the Canmet laboratory dynamic testing facility and utilising Sandvik’s in situ dynamic test rig. These testing regimes have presented an opportunity for a detailed analysis of the bolt’s performance using these different test methods. This work will establish whether an accurate comparison between the Canmet laboratory facility and Sandvik’s in situ dynamic test rig is possible, and reveal any correlation of the MDX bolt performance between laboratory and underground conditions.

Keywords: dynamic ground support, dynamic testing, laboratory dynamic testing, in situ dynamic testing, MDX bolt

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