Authors: Vallejos, JA; Cuello, D; Contardo, S; Martinez, J; Velasquez, J

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Vallejos, JA, Cuello, D, Contardo, S, Martinez, J & Velasquez, J 2023, 'Comprehensive three-dimensional geological–geostatistical–numerical model for open pit mining in competent rock', in PM Dight (ed.), SSIM 2023: Third International Slope Stability in Mining Conference, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 97-104,

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This paper combines the use of a three-dimensional geological model and geostatistical rock mass quality estimate in the numerical modelling of open pit mining in competent rock. The objective of the methodology is to identify macroblocks or structural controlled zones with high failure potential. The methodology is validated with an instability event that occurred at an open pit mine. Based on the results of the methodology, different zones with macroblock formation are identified during the life of mine and several recommendations are established related to the structural model, rock mass model and hydrogeological model.

Keywords: open pit, competent rock, structural controlled, numerical analysis, optimisation

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