Authors: Simms, P; Grabinsky, M; Zhan, G


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Simms, P, Grabinsky, M & Zhan, G 2006, 'Evaporation from Surface Deposited Thickened Gold Tailings', in R Jewell, S Lawson & P Newman (eds), Paste 2006: Proceedings of the Ninth International Seminar on Paste and Thickened Tailings, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 267-274,

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The rate of evaporation from thickened tailings is an important parameter for the management of surface deposition. Promoting evaporation in a freshly-deposited layer is desirable up to a point, since evaporation causes densification and strength gain, but excess evaporation will desaturate the tailings and consequently increase the risk of acid generation. Therefore, the ability to predict the rate of evaporation to some degree of accuracy would be a substantial advantage in deposition planning. This study, part of a larger project researching the surface deposition of non-plastic, thickened tailings at the Bulyanhulu Gold Mine in Tanzania, investigates drying from thickened gold tailings in the laboratory and in the field. Material presented in this paper includes laboratory comparison of evaporation from a small column (0.3 m diameter by 0.2 m in height) to evaporation from larger-scale tests (2 m by 1 m in plan and 0.1 m in thickness) performed on tailings from Bulyanhulu. These laboratory results are compared with field measurements.

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274 Paste2006,Limerick,Ireland
EvaporationfromSurfaceDepositedThickenedGoldTailings P.Simms,etal.

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