Authors: Grenon, M; Hadjigeorgiou, J; Côté, P


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Grenon, M, Hadjigeorgiou, J & Côté, P 2007, 'Slope Stability Considerations in Integrated Surface Mine Design', in Y Potvin (ed.), Slope Stability 2007: Proceedings of the 2007 International Symposium on Rock Slope Stability in Open Pit Mining and Civil Engineering, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 77-92,

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This paper provides the framework for integrating slope stability considerations in the early stages of mine planning for surface mine operations. The block model and the resulting pit optimisation shells are linked to a series of algorithms that are used to identify potential instability areas in any particular pit of the mining push-backs. The algorithms have been developed to facilitate limit equilibrium stability analyses and to construct and visualise 3-D susceptibility maps. This has resulted in an integrated process that allows for continuous updating of the stability and mine models from feasibility to production.

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Slope Stability Considerations in Integrated Surface Mine Design M. Grenon, et al.
92 Slope Stability 2007, Perth, Australia

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