Authors: Li, JC; An, XM; Ma, GW

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Li, JC, An, XM & Ma, GW 2008, 'Wave Propagation and Attenuation Through Filled Rock Joints', in Y Potvin, J Carter, A Dyskin & R Jeffrey (eds), SHIRMS 2008: Proceedings of the First Southern Hemisphere International Rock Mechanics Symposium, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 215-228,

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A theoretical study on normal incident P-wave transmission through a single sand filled rock joint is presented in the paper. The dynamic stress–strain relation of the filled rock joint is from the Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar (SHPB) test results. By using the displacement discontinuity method, wave propagation analysis across filled rock joint is performed. Comparison of the transmitted wave between test and analytical results has been made. Meanwhile, numerical simulation by using the Numerical Manifold Method (NMM) has also been carried out. The NMM is capable of treating both continuous and discontinuous problems in a unified framework with the consideration of the dynamic property of the filled rock joint. Comparisons show that the analytical results do agree well with the test and numerical results. Moreover, parametric studies are conducted to investigate the effects of the thickness and water content of the sand layer, frequency and amplitude of the incident wave on the P-wave transmission.

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