Authors: Edhammer, M; Gustafsson, H

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Edhammer, M & Gustafsson, H 2009, 'Quality assurance in rockbolting using modern computerised equipment ', in PM Dight (ed.), SRDM 2009: Proceedings of the First International Seminar on Safe and Rapid Development Mining, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 3-8,

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Safety awareness in the mining industry is of the highest priority. One important part of the safety system is rock reinforcement using rockbolts. However, rock reinforcement without proper quality assurance will never be an acceptable safety system. The mining industry is now increasingly asking for tools to document planned rock support and actual installed rock support. This is implemented using equipment for guidance of where to install the bolts without having to paint on the walls and roof, logging equipment showing exactly how many bolts have been installed with the equipment and the exact position of these bolts. Finally, reports would be generated with positions, bolt types, the amount of cement and more, that could be saved for future analyses if needed. Atlas Copco has the technology that can be used for this at both tunnel construction sites and mines. The technology is called Bolt Plan Navigation. This paper will present the development of Bolt Plan Navigation and the initial experiences from bolt logging technology. The paper will also elaborate on the latest developments in bolt installation guidance making it a common tool available for all computerised Atlas Copco bolting rigs.

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