Authors: Loncaric, AJ; Donnelly, B

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Loncaric, AJ & Donnelly, B 2009, 'Proposed training programme for shotcrete operators', in PM Dight (ed.), SRDM 2009: Proceedings of the First International Seminar on Safe and Rapid Development Mining, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 21-32,

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The Australian mining industry uses approximately 500,000 m3 of shotcrete for ground support per year at a cost of approximately 12–15% of the total development cost. Shotcrete quality and usage is significantly affected by the skill and knowledge of the shotcrete operator. Most shotcrete operators start as offsiders and are trained on the job by the resident expert. The skills acquired are usually what the resident expert knows, or is able to teach, and are usually limited to operating the shotcrete rig and a site specific understanding of shotcrete. These skills may not produce the same results in a different mine, with a different mix and a different machine. Australia does not have a standard training programme or accreditation programme that would ensure consistent skills and recognised certification for shotcrete operators. This paper presents a training programme for shotcrete operators which encompasses both classroom based theory and site based practical training. The training and assessment programme is competency based and includes standard sprayed panel tests and boiled absorption tests. The programme is designed to provide career development for the candidate, starting with a basic understanding of concrete operations in an underground environment, progressing the trainee to a pump operator, then a nozzle-man and on to shotcrete project management. It is designed for the candidate to be trained and then tested for each competency before progressing to more difficult competencies. The package is currently being developed for accreditation under the guidelines provided by the Queensland Department of Education, Training and the Arts.

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