Authors: Lessard, JF; Heal, D

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Lessard, JF & Heal, D 2009, 'Evolution of ground support practices within the development cycle at Perseverance Mine', in PM Dight (ed.), SRDM 2009: Proceedings of the First International Seminar on Safe and Rapid Development Mining, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 181-197,

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As underground mining is undertaken at an ever increasing depth, there is an ongoing need to optimise ground support practices to ensure the safety of the workforce and continuity of production. The ground support systems applied at Perseverance Mine in Western Australia have evolved over several years and have involved refinement of well established support techniques for the challenging ground conditions encountered elsewhere, as well as the testing of several innovative products and support practices. This paper provides an overview of ground support at Perseverance Mine as it relates to the development cycle, as well as presenting the results of several ground support trials undertaken at the mine over recent years. These trials have aimed to manage the risk associated with challenging ground conditions encountered at the mine, particularly relating to mining induced seismicity and squeezing ground.

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Evolution of ground support practices within the development cycle at Perseverance Mine J.F. Lessard and D. Heal
198 SRDM 2009, Perth, Australia

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