Search Syntax


The Online Repository search allows searching by the following specialised fields:

  • Authors - searches by authors and coauthors by name
  • Keywords - searches by keywords
  • Conferences - searches by conference names, locations, years
  • Proceedings - searches by proceedings names, publishers, place of publish
  • References - searches by the references section of the paper
  • Affliations - searches the section of the paper at the start that lists the authors and their affliations

and the following mega fields:

  • Properties - all information excluding paper text and references (this is the default search)
  • Paper Text - all information including paper text but exclude references
  • All Content - all information including paper text and references

Phrase Search

You can use double quotes "" to specify a phrase that must occur together in order:
e.g. "groundwater management"
performs a search for "groundwater management" occuring as a phrase

You can optionally add a tilde (~) and number after it to search for the contents of the phrase occurring close to each other:
e.g. "groundwater management"~10
performs a search for the words "groundwater" and "management" occurring within 10 words of each other.

Boolean Searches

You can use + or - in front of a term to specify that the search must (+) or must not (-) contain a term:
e.g. +groundwater open -pit
performs a search that must contain "groundwater", can contain "open" and should not contain "pit".

You can also or AND/OR/NOT (in uppercase), with groupings, for example:
e.g. groundwater OR management
e.g. "groundwater management" AND risk
e.g. groundwater AND NOT management
e.g. (groundwater OR risk) AND management

The default search is OR, so if you specify two terms without any syntax:
e.g. groundwater management
performs a search for "groundwater" or "management" occurring.

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