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Todd, JK 2007, 'Working Together to Secure the Future -- Cannington Ground Support Rehab Project', in Y Potvin (ed.), Deep Mining 2007: Proceedings of the Fourth International Seminar on Deep and High Stress Mining, Australian Centre for Geomechanics, Perth, pp. 479-490,

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The Cannington mine embarked on several significant ground support rehabilitation projects during 2006 in response to safety and business risk concerns arising from falls of ground, decreasing reliability of older installed ground support, and potential time delays of main accesses to the production ore blocks from ground instability. This instability was caused by regional structurally controlled ground movements, triggered by excavation of the stopes within the Southern Zone. This combined with the lack of sufficient ground reinforcement capacity (from historically installed ground support), and absences of surface retention and ravelling prevention between the rocks bolts due to the lack of surface support such as mesh or fibre reinforced shotcrete (fibrecrete) that was not installed during the early Cannington project development.

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Working Together to Secure the Future — Cannington Ground Support Rehab Project J.K. Todd
490 Deep Mining 07, Perth, Australia

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