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Authors Title Year
Cumming-Potvin, D; Potvin, Y; Wesseloo, J; Harris, P; Ho, C; Heinsen Egan, M Development of a single-pass detailed damage mapping application
Proceedings of the Ninth International Symposium on Ground Support in Mining and Underground Construction, Ground Support 2019
Morkel, IG; Wesseloo, J; Harris, P Highlighting and quantifying seismic data quality concerns
Proceedings of the Ninth Symposium on Field Measurements in Geomechanics, FMGM 2015
Wesseloo, J; Hudyma, MR; Harris, P A community based seismic system for obtaining regional and local seismic data of strategic importance
Proceedings of the Fourth International Seminar on Strategic versus Tactical Approaches in Mining, Strategic versus Tactical 2011
Reviewer for Conferences
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining, Deep Mining 2017

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