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Authors Title Year
Abolfazlzadeh, Y; Smith-Bougher, L; Anderson, Z; Jalbout, A; Mataseje, A Calibration of a seismic hazard assessment tool using velocity fields and geotechnical data
Proceedings of the First International Conference on Mining Geomechanical Risk, MGR 2019
de Beer, W; Smith-Boughner, L; Viegas, G; Bosman, K; Angus, D Towards physics-based hazard assessment tools for developing blanket re-entry rules
Proceedings of the Fourth International Symposium on Block and Sublevel Caving, Caving 2018
Smith-Boughner,LT; Urbancic, TI; Baig, AM Resolving sill pillar stress behaviour associated with blasts and rockbursts
Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Deep and High Stress Mining, Deep Mining 2017

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